What is the Importance of Natadola Marine Resorts for Tourism in Fiji?

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Fiji is not less than a paradise on earth for nature lovers. The island country is blessed with the picturesque beauty of hills, unspoilt water sceneries, tropical forests and sandy beaches, to name a few of them. The islands are a perfect place for having adventures and relaxation as prefer by individuals in an ideal holiday.

Fiji was gifted with natural sceneries, but the lack of proper tourism infrastructures was a hindrance in the tourist inflow in the country. The Government of Fiji has called for a development of tourism hubs with major resorts and hospitality organisations. Louis Gerard Saliot is one of the prominent figures invited for the development of tourism infrastructures in the island country.  Upon discussion, the Fijian government has approved the development of Natadola Marine resorts in the Natadola Bay for boosting tourism in the country.

Few Facts about Gerard Saliot

Gerard Saliot is a visionary leader with years of experience in building tourism hubs and real estates. The seasoned professional utilises his skills and technology in creating a project without destroying the natural habitat and environment. He is considered as a driving force in the development of projects in Bali, Indonesia to boost the country’s tourism sector. Similarly, he saw the potential of Fiji as a magnet for tourism in the Southern Pacific region. That’s why he actively promoted and participated in the building of resorts in the Natadola Bay.

Top Things to Know about Natadola Resorts Projects

Natadola Marine resorts is a 353-hectare project undertaken with the consultation of Fijian Government to develop the tourism sector. Gerard Saliot is an ardent promoter, worked selflessly to nurture the project into a successful one. The project is huge containing resorts, golf course, villas, and apartment with themed parks to spend a holiday in comforts. His dedication and selfless was soon recognised with the applause and praise he received after completion from the Government of Fiji. No matter how big or small project he has undertaken, he always worked with full passion and determination to shape into a perfect tourist hub. It is visible even in this project.

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