Remarkable contribution by Louis Gerard Saliot in development sector


A renowned name that inspires everyone today closely associated with the sector of development is none other than the innovative personality, Gerard Saliot. He has been the CEO and President at Euro-Asia Management Group Ltd. He shot to massive fame with the remarkable project of Natadola project which lit the flame of development in Fiji. It is the island country which is rich with pristine beaches, scenic beauties, and many other cultural wonders.

He is the master of innovation and creativity which concentrate upon development. For instance, with so many things waiting to be developed, he came just forward to extend his helping hand in bringing a developmental change. He acted as the transforming agent with dedication and innovation because of which tourism industry came into existence with full-fledged. Louis Gerard Saliot has always been remarkable whose enthusiastic and dedicated effort fetched incredible outcomes. The Fijian people are enjoying the opportunities that came to them.


How tourism found a push heralded by Gerard Saliot?

Tourism industry brought out some resorts, hotels, restaurants, guest houses, parks, and various other recreational activities can be explored. Excursion, day trips to many mesmerising and beautiful places, cruises, etc. are some of the best things available for tourists or visitors to engage. Fiji has emerged out as one of the leading destinations for marriage venues. There are all kinds of arrangements available that offer satisfying services. The presence of Fiji Golf Club attracts hundreds of people from around the world, and it became a popular venue for international Golf players.  download

The tourism industry has found a new life under the able leadership of Gerard Saliot who not only offered a means of livelihood to local Fijians but also brought the image of the country to international recognition. Today, this country became one of the leading destinations for spending vacations and holidays.


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