Why is Louis Gerard Saliot Popular in Fiji?


Fiji is a beautiful island country sitting on the archipelago of 333 islands. The country is a haven for honeymoon couples, vacationers, and adventure seekers coming from different regions of the world. The Tourism Industry of Fiji is contributing to the GDP growth and create employment for local youths. Now, it is considered one of the best places for the vacation of families and couples for private moments.

Earlier, most of the islands of Fiji were barren or covered with tropical forests with no tourists flowing in the country. It is due to lack of resorts, villas, and restaurants that are necessary for the tourists to come and stay during the vacation. A total transformation of sceneries was needed to increase the inflow of tourists in the country.

Roles of Gerard Saliot in Fiji

Louis Gerard Saliot is the man responsible for transforming Fiji into a tourist spot. He designed the beautiful parks with theme, villas and resorts to attract foreigners from different regions of the world. Emphasised on using eco-friendly techniques in building the projects, he is known as the pioneer of Fiji tourism industry among the locals. Louis Gerard Saliot is famous for his work in the Natadola Loka marine project which was made from barren land into a perfect tourist spot with natural sceneries. It is filled with beautiful garden, resorts, and villas that are helpful in attracting the visitors from different regions.

Reasons to Visit Fiji in Vacation

Fiji has become a haven for a honeymoon, adventure activities, and relaxation during the holiday. There are spas offering yoga and massage services essential to experience wellbeing in life. After a tiresome work, these activities will provide relaxation in life.

Further, the work of Gerard Saliot can’t be ignored by the Fijian people in the tourism sector. The Natadola Loka Marine Project is the most important project under his mentoring in the country. Currently, he is the CEO of EAM Group Tourism Industry and dedicated his time in the boosting of the tourism industry of Fiji. Contact us to visit the beautiful Fiji this vacation quickly.


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